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It is recommended that all premature infants with a birth weight of less than 1500 grams or gestational age of 30 weeks or less be examined by an ophthalmologist.

The feeling of shifting to contact lenses is amazing! You start noticing things with more clarity, and the details are amplified. In fact, the agony of adjusting spectacle lenses is completely gone.
There are many factors that determine how and when your baby will be born and, unfortunately, most of the time. In case your baby is born a lot before the scheduled date, this is a case of premature birth.

The main treatment for Nipah virus at this stage is supportive care only. There are no vaccines specifically available to protect humans. Serious respiratory and neurologic complications are recommended.
Although many studies have shown that what is the immediate cause of Parkinson's disease, it is still unclear exactly what causes lack of dopamine in the body.

Miscarriages can happen to anyone, and that happens mainly for a variety of reasons. Often, in some cases, this is due to a lack of care, while in others it is due to many complicated factors that lead to this mishap.

If you have any queries about Caladryl Lotion, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can give expert advice on a wide range of queries related to skin allergy
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