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*Have great fun and enojy an amazing outdoor hanging solar christmas lights glass jar.and eye-catching pattern.

*It is a magic solar jar for kids room, bathrooms,dinner table and party.

*Great decoration solar jar lights outdoor on a patio or deck or on a screened porch.

*Put on table or hang anywhere you want.This solar galss jar has a rope handle/hanger used to suspend the jar on a hook.

*Take off the solar lighting cap and underneath is an on/off button. Flip the setting to on and it works.

4 color 8 LED copper wire inside jar,change the lighting feature by yourself
Present beauty of 4 color 8 LED through the jar,get different jar lighting features when you turn or adjust the copper wire inside.

Thick Rope Hanger
A thick rope hanger helps you to hang the solar jar where you want,on tree,before window,or inside.

Clean Energy,Energy-saving LED
Charged by sun,solar powered. Enrivonment friendly:No wire required,no electricity needed. Auto On/Off:Automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn

Energy-saving:LED lighting source with high efficiency and lowest power consumption
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